Minutes for Whitney Township Board Meeting
Held on August 8, 2017

Meeting was called to order by Supervisor, Donald Becker at 7pm.

Present: Anderson, Gehris, Semenick, McAlindon, Becker
Absent: None

July 11, 2017 Minutes
Moved by McAlindon, Seconded by Gehris, CARRIED to approve minutes, as printed.
July 27, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes
Moved by Semenick, Seconded by McAlindon, CARRIED to approve minutes, as printed.

Treasurer’s Report:
John went over funds sheet for General Fund and Water Fund
General Fund
July 2017
Income $36409.53 Disbursements $31542.91
Balance on Hand $176293.60
Water Fund
Income $22426.71 Disbursements $11080.09
Balance on Hand $60866.46
Moved by Anderson, Seconded by Semenick, CARRIED to receive subject to audit.

Zoning Report:
Ernie wasn’t present for the meeting.
Don told the public Ernie was continuing to work on some issues and that there is a court case in August that they must attend.

Assessor’s Report:
Everything is going well. The July Board of Review was just the usual issues that are handled at this type of meeting.

Fire Authority Report:
Ladder truck is here and being equipped with the extra items that it needs. There will be training on how to run the truck for the firemen.

Water Authority Update:
The new plant is moving along. The gas was hooked up by Consumers this week. The filters are here and being worked on by the electricians. Windows are delayed, because they were built wrong at the factory, so they won’t be here until sometime in September.
Fran suggested checking the contract to see if there was any penalty for the window mess up.
Kim will talk to Jean to inquire on the subject.

Cemetery/Transfer Station Update:
There is a quarterly meeting on August 28, 2017 at Sims Township Hall at 7pm.
Bids are in for the Transfer Station Contract; the board will be deciding on which company to go with at the August meeting.

Public Comment:
Bigelow- They are concerned about private property being used for commercial purposes as rental units for the summer.
Ziembo-Vogl- complained about their neighbors renting, as well. They can’t leave their house for a vacation for fear of something happening to their property while they are gone.
*We need to post more information on the website, ex. Newsletters, ordinances, etc.
*There is a problem with dogs running loose on the beach, as well. Put there is a leash law in the County/State in the newsletter.

Old Business:
MTA Training Classes- Some of the planning commission members and zoning board of appeals members are attending a class in Frankenmuth on Planning and Zoning issues.

Mosquito Control Issues- They are trying to treat standing water and do spraying when they are called, also.

Garage Update- The garage has been started and is moving along at a nice pace. The windows were removed from the plans and only lowered the cost by $150.00, so the bid was lowered to $13345.00. The motion made at the last meeting was for the cost to be $13100.00, but the windows were less than we thought and didn’t lower the bid that much.
Moved by Anderson, Seconded by McAlindon, CARRIED to approve the extra expense on the garage costs.

New Business:
Water Issues- There are two residents that have complaints about their water bills being high.
1st resident was billed for repairs to the meter pit that was damaged when someone either him or his maintenance person broke a part on the meter; he was billed for $1700.00 for excavating costs and $82.00 for parts for the repair. He doesn’t think that he should have to pay the whole bill. The Board decided to make him pay the whole bill.
2nd resident received a large water bill, because he had a broken piece on his meter, also. It was a part that was broken by whoever went into the meter pit to try and fix the leak he was having. The water went through his meter and he is responsible for whatever water passes through the meter pit. His bill was over $700.00. The Board agreed that he should have to pay the whole bill.
The Board reminded the public that no one should be going into the meter pits, it is a federal offense to tamper with the meter pits.

Resolution for Demolition Permit- The demolition permit needed to be updated to more clearly reflect what is in the demolition ordinance.
Resolution #2017-06 was moved by Semenick, Seconded by Becker, CARRIED with a Roll Call Vote.
Yeas- Semenick, McAlindon, Becker, Anderson
Nays- Gehris

Public Comment:

Pay the Bills:
Moved by McAlindon, Seconded by Becker, CARRIED to pay the bills and any that come in later.

Moved by Anderson, Seconded by Semenick, CARRIED to adjourn at 7:45pm.

Kimberly Anderson
Whitney Township Clerk