Held on November 12, 2019


Meeting was called to order by Supervisor, Donald Becker at 7pm.

Present: Anderson, Gehris, Semenick, Becker, McAlindon
Absent: None

Moved by McAlindon, Seconded by Gehris, CARRIED to approve the October 8, 2019 meeting minutes, as printed.

Treasurer’s Report:
John went over fund sheets
92.3% of Summer Taxes have been collected to date
October 2019
General Fund
Income $64994.91 Disbursements $83383.09
Balance on Hand $145823.80
Water Department
Income $38261.58 Disbursements $39014.13
Balance on Hand $91390.43
Moved by Anderson, Seconded by Semenick, CARRIED to receive the Treasurer’s Report subject to audit.

Zoning Report:
*4 letters sent
*1 court date for blight
*Antonio Rd court date is set, but the owner has stated that he is getting a demo permit
*North East Drive- owner is getting a bid for a new roof
*EGLE permits for seawalls- land owners need to get a land use permit from the Township to be able to apply for EGLE permits.
*Various vehicles with no license plates- 453 N. Huron Rd has a van parked with no license plate, Anderson said the issue would be handled before the end of the week. The vehicle is being put up for sale and is parked there until it is cleaned out.
*35 N. Huron Rd. is still an ongoing issue. The Zoning Administrator has not heard from the owner about the garage and will probably end up in court.
*Short Term Rental enforcement – should we get a cell phone for people to use to report complaints with rental properties.

Assessor’s Report:
J. Landry has a meeting in one of her other Townships, so she was unable to attend the meeting.

Fire Authority Report:
*There was a counteroffer made for the property they are proposing to buy for a new fire barn.
*Becker has opposed to the property purchase from the beginning.
*The building needs to be designed before they buy the property, so they know the cost of construction. Anything over $15000.00 must be approved by the State Fire Marshall.
Semenick suggested having a roll call vote to show who is for and against the property purchase in case it becomes an issue that gets in the paper.
Next Fire Board Meeting is November 21, 2019 at 7pm at the AuGres Fire Barn

Sims-Whitney Utilities Authority Report:
*Both Townships water towers were inspected on October 17, 2019. Whitney Townships tower has a structural issue that needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Dixon has been looking for someone to do the work and they just found someone this morning and have given an estimate of the cost to be $9300.00 for parts and installation. The company is from Shelby Township.
*Lead and Copper testing- all the results came back good. We used a different company for the testing, because of all the problems we had with the State Lab. The results of this round of testing may change the testing schedule for Lead and Copper again.
*Semenick says we need to have the part ordered, so when they can get here it is available.
*Moved by Semenick, Seconded by Becker, CARRIED to purchase the required part for the water tower fix, so it is on hand when the company comes to do the repair.
*Emails from Mackie- Semenick feels he is running the Board by email. This shouldn’t be happening according to Semenick, we should be having special meetings for all these issues not emailing back and forth.
*Mr. Eppert agrees with Mr. Campbell the Sims Township Attorney that R. Mackie should return to the Chairman job for the Authority Board.
*Next Water Authority Meeting is November 21, 2019 at 1pm.
*Becker feels that we should wait right up to the deadline of November 21st to inform them of Whitney Townships position on the Chairman issue.

Sims Whitney Cemetery/Transfer Station Report:
*Cemetery issues need to go to court to resolve. We need specifics for Eppert to use in the paperwork for the court case. We should have a special meeting with Eppert as soon as possible. Anderson will try to set up a meeting.
Moved by Anderson, Seconded by Semenick, CARRIED to agree to go to court over Cemetery issues. We will set up a special meeting with Eppert to discuss the issues specifically.
*Cemetery fence was hit by a truck; 3 or 4 sections of the fence were taken out.
*Transfer Station- we are losing our recycling as of the first of the year from Sunrise Disposal. J. Mackie is supposed to be checking with some of the other companies in the area on cost of recycling.
*J. Brown’s garbage fee was discussed and Sims Township Board feels that Whitney Township should raise his garbage fee, due to the fact he is taking a lot of trash to the Transfer Station.
*There is going to be a tag handed out when Winter Taxes are paid that must be in your vehicle to be able to use the Transfer Station. There will be one tag given and if extra are needed the fee will be $20.00 for additional tags.
*The next Cemetery/Transfer Station meeting is December 18, 2019 at 6pm.

Public Comment:
*Anne Giori from Perfect Landing asked about closet/bedroom requirements, whether the owner could just show a septic pumping receipt instead of a septic inspection, and whether the number of nights was flexible for rentals. The Board informed her that the septic pumping receipt was enough and the number of nights was flexible, but we must check into the closet/bedroom issue.
*We have received an email from the Township Attorney stating that another local Attorney has some issues with the rental ordinance. The Township Attorney stated that he is going to meet with the other Attorney to discuss the issues.
*Mr. Freel was here representing some renters about the Short-Term Rental Ordinance. He has resort owners who are concerned about the whole Ordinance. Mr. Eppert is supposed to be meeting with Mr. Freel to discuss the issues with the Ordinance. Mr. Eppert is going to keep the Township Board informed about any changes that may need to be made.
*C. McMurray represents the Suttons at 1972 N. Huron and he asked about the number of days for rentals and how many permits his clients are going to have to file with the Township. He is also concerned about the closet/bedroom issue.
*Eppert needs to be consulted about the closet/bedroom issue.

Old Business:
Short-Term Rental Application Fee- The fee that is on the application was never discussed at any point in the process and the Board has had concerns expressed about how high the fee is. Should the Board reconsider the amount for the application.
Moved by Becker, Seconded by Semenick, CARRIED to drop the price from $150.00 to $75.00 for the rental application fee.

Roads- The Board needs to decide what roads need to be worked on for the Road Plan funds for next year.
Edmonds Road- ½ mile South of Turner Road and all of Edmonds North of Turner Road
Swartz Road- from the top of the hill to Edmonds Road
Hammell Beach Road- from the drain where we already repaired to Tonkey Road and Tonkey Road to
Edmonds Road
Lee Road- about 1 mile of gravel or do from Mackinaw Road to the house on Lee Road
Turner Township needs to help fix Mackinaw Road and the Board feels that Becker should go to a Turner Township Board meeting to discuss the issue with them. The 2 Townships could apply for a 2% grant as a joint project.
There is a tube at the corner of Van Horn Road and Whitman Road that needs to be replaced.
The issue of ditching was brought up and whether we should use road money for ditching or not.
B. Boensch asked the Board if they were aware that the Bessinger Road Quarry was opening and if they were aware of the increased traffic that was going to be using the road.

Water Meter Replacement- The Board needs to come up with a plan on how to handle replacing the water meters in the Township, should we have a special meeting to set up a plan. This issue can be tabled until a future meeting.

GIS Update- There was a GIS Authority meeting last week and the bylaws and the Interlocal agreement were reviewed for changes. This is the first step to get the Board formally established. There is another meeting in January to start setting up the formal Board and set a budget, along with other issues.

IT Issue- The case was dismissed against the Township

New Business:
Cyber Security Insurance- the policy will be available in December, but no cost has been discussed yet.

Par Plan Grant- The Township is applying for a grant for installation of cameras for the parking lot and

Chart of Account Changes- The State has updated the Chart of Accounts and the Township needs to
adopt the changes as soon as possible to follow the changes. Semenick feels that there should be a
quote done for the job.

Resolution for Drain Commissioner- The AuGres River Drain needs to be cleaned out and J. Trombley approach the Board with the issue. J. Trombley gave the clerk a resolution that needs to be adopted for the Drain Commissioner to be able to do the work on the drain.
Roll Call Vote was taken and the results are as follows:
Semenick- Yes McAlindon- Yes
Gehris- Yes Becker- Yes
Anderson- Yes
Resolution has passed and will be sent to the Drain Commissioner.

Township Flag Design- Anderson has done a preliminary design for a Township flag and is asking the Board for input on the design.
There were questions about who would sew the flag and how the whole process works. Anderson was going to check with the MTA to see who they recommend or if they know who does flag sewing.

Pay the Bills:
Moved by Becker, Seconded by McAlindon, CARRIED to pay the bills and any that come in later.

Moved by Semenick, Seconded by McAlindon, CARRIED to adjourn at 8:58pm



Kimberly Anderson
Whitney Township Clerk