Held on June 8, 2021

Meeting was called to order by Supervisor, Donald Becker at 7pm.
Present: Becker, Zimmermann, Anderson, Gehris, McAlindon
Absent: None
Moved by McAlindon, Seconded by Zimmermann, CARRIED to approve the May 11, 2021, as

Treasurer’s Report:
Gehris went over fund sheets for the General Fund and Water Department.
May 2021
General Fund
Income $31579.42 Disbursements $24271.01
Balance on Hand $206561.39
Water Department
Income $17218.95 Disbursements $46041.37
Balance on Hand $53412.61
Moved by Anderson, Seconded by Zimmermann, CARRIED to receive the Treasurer’s Report,
subject to audit.

Becker asked about who was signing the Charter Cable Franchise check. Gehris told him that he stamped it and he has never signed anyone else name on a check and that the check was not made out to Donald Becker. Becker told Gehris that he better never sign his name to anything or he will sue him and Gehris told him to go ahead and sue him, because he has not done anything wrong.

Zoning Report:
No report available due to lack of a Zoning Administrator.

Assessor’s Report:
Tax information has been sent to the County, so bills can be printed. There is always confusion with that process. She stated that she and Gehris will go over the roll to make sure things are correct.

Fire Authority Report:
They are still working with the engineer on the plans for the new fire barn. Nothing was mentioned about the zoning issue with the property.

Sims-Whitney Utilities Authority Report:
There was a break in the line that carries the raw water from Saginaw Midland. When the line was laid when the new plant was built, they put it directly on a limestone deposit.
Whitney received a check for $39655.00 from the 2% grant distribution, which $2000.00 goes to the general fund and the rest is being divided between the two Townships for water meter replacement project.

Sims Whitney Cemetery/Transfer Station Report:
They finally gave us the correct financial information we have been asking for.
There was a quote received for the new fence around the entrance. They want to put another compactor in to help with all the extra trash that seems to be coming in lately.

Public Comment:
J. Archambeau asked about the money that is collected for the large items at the Transfer Station. He wants to know who handles the money and how the money is receipted. He also made a comment about the steel trailer and how his friend has never been paid for taking care of it briefly.

Old Business:
Application for Zoning Administrator- we have received one resume for the position from Joshua Vinson. There was a discussion on whether we should hire him or give Mike Fil what he asked for to stay on. No one wants to see Mike Fil come back, because they feel that it is a conflict of interest because he works for Sims Township, as well.
Zoning Administrator should work with the Planning Commission and be attending those meetings to report to the Planning Commission. Should we put out on sign board and take more time to find someone?
Mike made $408.00/month, should we offer more money? Put out on sign and give it 2 more weeks in case someone else might apply. P. Cardinal suggested we put the job on Indeed, talk to Michigan Works, and posting it on the website. We never got one response from the ad in the Arenac Independent.
Moved by Becker, Seconded by Anderson, CARRIED to put the job out on the sign and if no one applies within 2 weeks we hire the person who turned in the resume.

New Business:
Approval for Deputy Treasurer to work on Water Billings- The Board needs to authorize Linda Pyle the new Deputy Treasurer to work on water billings, as well as taxes.
Moved by Zimmermann, Seconded by Becker, CARRIED to approve the Deputy Treasurer working on water billing.

Pay the Bills:
Moved by McAlindon, Seconded by Zimmermann, CARRIED to pay the bills and any that come in later.
Moved by Anderson, Seconded by Gehris, CARRIED to adjourn at 7:43pm.




Kimberly Anderson
Whitney Township Clerk