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Minutes for Whitney Township Board Meeting


Held on November 13, 2018

Meeting was called to order by Supervisor, Donald Becker at 6:58pm.

Present: Semenick, Becker, Gehris, Anderson, McAlindon

Absent: None


Moved by Semenick, Seconded by Becker, CARRIED to approve the October 9, 2018 minutes, as printed.

Treasurer’s Report:

John went over fund sheets for General Fund and Water Department

October 2018

General Fund

Income                                 $1581.16                              Disbursements                 $19567.72

Balance on Hand              $110604.94

Water Department

Income                                 $139616.85                          Disbursements                 $102012.95

Balance on Hand              $71899.11

Moved by Anderson, Seconded by Semenick, CARRIED to receive Treasurer’s Report subject to audit.

Zoning Report:

Ernie is working on a couple of items and there is a court date on November 27th.

Assessor’s Report:

The Assessor was not present for the meeting.

Fire Authority Report:

No report to be given

Sims-Whitney Utility Authority Report:

Everything is running well

Windows have been fixed by Wallside

Are we getting reimbursed for the original windows from Spicer or RCL is a question Don is going to pose at the next Authority meeting.

The issue of switching to lake water for watering the lawn was voted down by the Authority Board.


Cemetery/Transfer Station Report:

What do we do now about the Cemetery Issue?  Sims has not responded to any attempts that have been made to talk about the issue, so far.  Their meeting is next week, so we will wait to see if we hear anything after their meeting.

What do we do about December meeting?  No payment is to be made for our share of the Cemetery.

The new mower may need a new motor already, but it should be covered by the warranty.

No action is to be taken on the Cemetery right now.

Leaves- when are they getting turned?  Kevin is planning on doing it in January

Public Comment:

APM Update- Ben and Blake from APM came to give the Board an update on the mosquito spraying season.  June and July were quiet.  There was a lot of rain in August and September which led to an increase in spraying,

The number of calls that were made of all types were given.

8100 pounds of larvicide was used for aerial spraying and 471 miles of road spraying was done in the Township.

They were under budget on the contract by approximately $11,000.00.

They do a phone survey now for the green stakes

There was a comment on the lawn maintenance people parking on the side of the road and the Township cannot do anything about that.  There is a 22 foot right of way after the center line that the MDOT people can enforce, but they would have to be here to do it.

The minutes need to get put back on the website again and Kim explained that she is trying to get another lesson on doing that exact process.

What happened to the money from the sale?  We put $200,000.00 into a CD and the rest went into a checking account which we have used a little of for small projects in the Township.  Someone asked if Iosco had a say in what was done with the money and no, they do not.

Streetlights in Pinewood- how much do the residents pay for the streetlights?  How do they get a streetlight added?  The amount that is paid is something that John would have to look up.  As to the adding of another streetlight, there would have to be another special assessment done.

Cemetery- someone wanted the whole situation explained.  The Board gave an overview of the problems.  They wanted to know why we didn’t send a letter to Sims Township residents, also.  We told the audience we would check into the situation of mailing a letter to Sims residents.   Kim will call and see how much it would cost for the addresses for Sims Township.

Old Business:

Andrews Road- There have been a couple of people asking for Andrews Road to get repaired.  Nick Moore was present and brought in pictures of a couple of the worst spots on the road.

Don is going to ask the Road Commission if we can make a deal to repair it temporarily and then in the spring getting it fixed properly.

IT Services- Don talked to Tim Kelly about doing the IT and he doesn’t do the things that we would need done.

Kim will call Tawas Computers to see if they would be interested in doing the IT work at the Township Hall.

Zoning Administrator Assistant- The Township put an ad in the paper looking for an assistant for Ernie and we only received one resume.  Mr. Michael Fil brought in his resume and he is the person that was hired by Sims Township to assist Ernie in their Township.

What do we pay him?  Give him 50% of Ernie’s wages.

Moved by Semenick, Seconded by McAlindon, CARRIED to hire Michael Fil to assist Ernie at 50% of Ernie’s wages.  The work load is to be 50/50, also.

Should we investigate getting a new liquor inspector? We could, but we don’t need to have an inspector at all.

2% Grant Distribution- Who is going to collect the check this month?  Fran is not going to be available for this distribution but said he would do the spring one.   Don will go to the Fall distribution.

New Business:

Marijuana Ordinance- We need to decide whether to opt out or not.

We do not want marijuana in our Township, so we must pass an Ordinance to opt out.  Sample ordinances were handed out to the Board Members to review.

The Board must decide to give the State time to set up some sort of guidelines, so we will take up the issue again in April.

Water Bill for a resident- There is a resident who had a new meter pit put in when he bought the property, due to the old meter still being a Saginaw Midland pit.  When the new pit was put in, he was told that the new water lines had to be buried 4 feet down to the building.  He has tried to put the new water lines 12 inches down by hand digging the trenches and was caught by the Authority’s employees and made to stop the project.  In the process of hand digging the lines the person doing the work damaged the new meter pit and the Township had to pay for the repairs.  John has sent him a bill for over $4000.00 for the repairs and previous water bills that were unpaid.  He has gotten in touch with John and wants to make payments on the bill, what does the Board want John to tell him.  No payment plan arrangements are to be made.

Moved by Semenick, Seconded by Becker, CARRIED to get the full amount paid or the water is to be turned off.

Election Results- There were 544 people who voted in the election on November 6th, with 163 of them being absentees.

Board of Review Reappointments- The current Board of Review consists of Karen Huber, Elaine Swartz, and Tony Piazza.

Moved by Semenick, Seconded by McAlindon, CARRIED to reappoint Karen Huber, Elaine Swartz, and Tony Piazza to the Board of Review.

Planning Commission Appointment- Ralph Zimmermann has agreed to be on the Planning Commission.

Moved by Semenick, Seconded by McAlindon, CARRIED to appoint Ralph Zimmermann to the Planning Commission.

Pay the Bills:

Moved by Semenick, Seconded by Becker, CARRIED to pay the bills and any that come in later.


Moved by Semenick, Seconded by Gehris, CARRIED to adjourn at 8:26pm

Kimberly Anderson

Whitney Township Clerk