Held on July 11, 2023

The meetng was called to order by Supervisor, Donald Becker at 7pm.
Present: Anderson, Gehris, Becker, Zimmermann, McAlindon
Absent: None

Moved by McAlindon, Seconded by Zimmermann, CARRIED to approve the June 13, 2023 minutes, as printed.

Treasurer’s Report:
Gehris went over fund sheets for the General Fund and the Water Department.
Becker asked about the $175000.00 that was moved out of General Fund into a new CD at Huron Community Bank.
June 2023
General Fund
Income $53319.51 Disbursements $224413.01
Balance on Hand $115458.45
Water Department
Income $19605.66 Disbursements $17607.47
Balance on Hand $48967.27
Moved by Anderson, Seconded by Zimmermann, CARRIED to receive the Treasurer’s Report, subject to audit.

Zoning Report:
J. Vinson was unavailable for the meeting.

Assessor’s Report:

J. Landry was unavailable for the meeting but sent an email to remind the Board that Board of Review Meeting is scheduled for July 19, 2023 at 11:00am. There is nothing new going on besides that.

Fire Authority Report:
There was no report because Anderson was out of town when the last meeting took place.

Sims-Whitney Utilities Authority Report:
Articles of Incorporation are all done and have been recorded with the County Clerk.
B. Mackie was not reappointed to the Board.

Sims Whitney Cemetery/Transfer Station Report:
The cement slab for the new compactor was rebid by another contractor.
Consumers has sent another email with the same information as before for pricing electricity to the Transfer Station.
The compactor is not working, the part has been ordered we don’t know when it will get here. We will be using the 8-yard dumpsters until the compactor is fixed.
The recycling leBer is being handed out at the Transfer Station, by Bonnie.

Public Comment:
J. Archambeau asked about J. Vinson and how many hours he is working at the Hall.
J. Vinson’s phone was not working, but K. Anderson fixed it for him, and it should be working fine now.
J. Archambeau asked about recycling at the Transfer Station- he called TV5 about the Transfer Station and they are going to possibly do a story about it. He found other Township’s up north that are doing all their own recycling work themselves and it is working well for them. He also complained about the plastic chairs going in the compactor when they should be recycled.

Old Business:
Water Rate Increase- The ready to serve fee according to the rate study should go to $84.00 and the per thousand-gallon rate should go to $5.93. J. Gehris calculated the numbers on his own and came up with the ready-to-serve fee at $83.00 and per thousand rate at $6.79.
Moved by McAlindon, Seconded by Zimmermann, CARRIED with 1 no vote to increase the ready to serve fee to $84.00 and the per thousand-gallon rate to $5.93, with a 2% rate increase to be done every year moving forward. The new rates will begin on August 1, 2023.

Flower Beds- Anderson spoke with C. Dewald about having him work on flower beds instead of a professional landscaper.
Moved by Anderson, Seconded by McAlindon, CARRIED to hire C. Dewald to work on the flower beds on his off time.

Survey on Township Property- The survey is done, but no bill has been received as of this meeting.

New Business:
Refund for Jerry Brown for Transfer Station Commercial Tag- Jerry Brown paid his $700.00 commercial tag fee and at a special meeting of the Transfer Station that fee was rescinded, so he has asked to get his money back.
Moved by Gehris, Seconded by McAlindon, CARRIED to refund Jerry Brown his commercial tag fee of $700.00.
Archambeau objects to Jerry getting his commercial tag fee refunded.

Replacement of Sidewalk and roBed wood on Hall- Dennis Buchanan came out to look at the projects and was given the go ahead to do a quote, but he thought he was given the go ahead to do the projects. The cement company was going to start work, but Anderson stopped them because it wasn’t discussed at a Board Meeting. The quotes still have not been received as of this meeting, so this issue is tabled.

Zoning Administrator’s Phone- There have been issues with the phone not working, but Anderson fixed it, and the phone will make and receive calls again. D. Becker wants J. Vinson to have a contract phone instead, because of all the issues with Tracfone he has been using. Anderson will take care of the cell phone issue.

Painting the Fire Barn- Becker would like to have the fire barn painted, also. He thought it should have been painted when the Hall was done. The Board didn’t see a need for the fire barn to be painted.

Sandbags on the shoreline are not allowed anymore, so anyone who is still using them needs to remove them. The sandbags were only authorized as a temporary measure during COVID 19 pandemic.

Delano Road Project- The Township still has match money leK to spend. Anderson and D. DiBenber from the Road Commission discussed which road he thought we should work on, and he suggested the seasonal section of Delano Road, because it is awfully bad. The quote came in at $51000.00 and we have $38000.00 with both shares of the match money, and we received $15000.00 in a 2% grant from the 2% Grant cycle.
Moved by Gehris, Seconded by McAlindon, CARRIED to approve the quote from the Road Commission
for Delano Road Project.

Pay the Bills:
Moved by McAlindon, Seconded by Zimmermann, CARRIED to pay the bills and any that come in later.

Moved by Anderson, Seconded by Zimmermann, CARRIED to adjourn at 8:30pm.




Kimberly Anderson
Whitney Township Clerk