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Minutes for Regular Board Meeting

Held on July 9, 2019


Meeting was called to order by Supervisor, Donald Becker at 7pm.

Present: McAlindon, Becker, Gehris, Semenick, Anderson

Absent: None


Moved by McAlindon, Seconded by Gehris, CARRIED to approve the minutes from the June 11, 2019 meeting, as printed.


Treasurer’s Report:

John went over fund sheets for General Fund and Water Department.

June 2019

General Fund

Income $54202.52 Disbursements $61812.24

Balance on Hand $175782.60

Water Department         

Income $15316.81 Disbursements $8844.00

Balance on Hand $40387.09

Moved by Anderson, Seconded by Semenick, CARRIED to receive Treasurer’s Report subject to audit.


Zoning Report:

The Zoning Administrator was attending a Planning and Zoning Retreat put on by the MTA.

He turned in a report, which is attached.

On the issue of container homes, we need to check with the County to see what regulations that they have or if they have any in place.

There is an issue with 2 residents not paying their court ordered fines and Eppert has been contacted he is going to contact the court to file contempt of court paperwork.  The Board feels that they should have to pay attorney fees, as well as the ordered fines.


Assessor’s Report:

There is a Board of Review meeting on Wednesday, July 16th at 11am.

We have not received the tax rolls from the County yet.  There was an issue with the printing.

The Board would like to know why we are still having issues with the tax bills, when the Assessor’s database was supposed to be used for sending out the bills.  Is it a problem on our end or the County end?


Fire Authority Report:

No real change.

There is still a discussion going on about building another fire barn at another location and taking fire trucks out of our fire barn.


Sims-Whitney Utilities Authority Report:

  • Employees have been given a 2% raise for the new contract period.
  • Tower inspections could be scheduled for the fall if both Townships approve the cost of the inspection.
  • Water meter replacement for each Township was discussed and a plan needs to be put together on all the particulars of the project.
  • Lead and Copper testing results came out good for this testing period.


Sims Whitney Cemetery/Transfer Station Report:

  • We have never received the sketch that Judy was supposed to send of the proposed area that a resident wants to have surveyed.
  • Transfer Station was very busy over the holiday weekend.  There were people trying to throw building materials in the dumpster hidden in bags.
  • There were issues with outside people dumping again.  The Joint Board needs to come up with a solution for the problem.
  • Next meeting for Joint Board is August 27, 2019 at 7pm.
  • Cemetery by-laws have been written and discussed with Sims Township, but they have made some changes that the Whitney Township Board does not agree with.  Whitney Township thinks that the original set of by-laws dated June 20, 2019 are sufficient.
  • The Board discussed what items we would like to see removed or altered from the by-laws.  McAlindon was going to email the Sims Township Supervisor to update him on what Whitney Township thought of the revised by-laws.


Public Comment:

*P. Cardinal- asked about the previous decision that was made about leasing a section of the Cemetery property.  It was explained that the Joint Board voted to not lease the property and that it was a violation of the deed to sell or lease any portion of the Cemetery property.

-She also asked about the election and if Sims Township Supervisor was going to be replaced.  The Board informed her that we don’t know what is going to happen in Sims Township in  regards to the election cycle.

-She asked about the ad for recreational marijuana.  The Board explained that the ordinance that was passed to opt out had to be published in the Arenac Independent.

-She asked what is the inside of the water tower coated with, so that it needs to be inspected?  It has a special paint that is used and it must be inspected, so that if the coating starts to come It can be reapplied to prevent any issues with the water.

*B. Boensch-asked about the original deed for the Cemetery from 1902 and then the deed from 1957.  He claims that Whitney Township gave up their share of the Cemetery property.


Old Business:

MTA Class- Anderson and Becker attending an assessing class that was put on by the MTA in June.  Becker explained that it was very informative and that it laid out what the assessor’s job really entails in more detail.

Vera Lane Demolition Progress- the demo is done and the septic issue was taken care of, as well.

Road Work- all the approved road work is done.  Becker has been compiling a list of possible roads that need work for next year.  The following are the roads that he listed:

Edmonds Rd

Swartz Rd

Hammel Beach Rd

Dust Control- Becker and Mylan from Eastern Dust Control are scheduled to start dust control at 8am tomorrow.


New Business:

Local MTA Meeting- The next local chapter meeting is July 18th at Adams Township

There is an MTA class in August for Planning and Zoning that we need to know who wants to attend.  Becker and McAlindon want to attend. Semenick is trying to decide whether he wants to go.  We are going to offer it to the Planning Commission Members at the Planning Commission meeting on July 15th.

Moved by Anderson, Seconded by Becker, CARRIED to approve sending at least 2 people to the MTA class in Frankenmuth in August.

Approval for Tower Inspection- The water towers need to be inspected on the inside to check the paint job.  The cost of the inspection is going to be $5800.00 for both towers.  Each Township is responsible for their own tower, so each Board needs to approve half of the $5800.00 for the inspections to proceed.

Moved by Anderson, Seconded by Semenick, CARRIED to approve the $2900.00 cost for the inspection of the water tower.

Document Conversion- In the past we have checked into this; but have never received a clear price of what it would cost.  In speaking with the company that would be doing the conversion it would cost $1000.00 just to have the program installed for one person to use and each additional user would be another $1000.00.  They couldn’t tell a price for scanning, because they would have to see what needs to be done before a price could be determined.  The Township Board has decided to table the issue.

Lawn Repair- Karl has agreed to the $350.00 price that was approved by the Board in June.  He just needs to be given the go ahead to start the project.

Semenick has talked to Mr. Dale Wiltse from the City of AuGres about connecting to the Sims-Whitney water system.   The Arenac County Sheriff would like to meet with the Township Board to discuss a police force in Whitney Township.

IT person- letter has been sent to Herrington Solutions terminating their contract.  We have received a response to the letter asking for a second chance.

Pay the Bills:

Moved by Semenick, Seconded by Becker, CARRIED to pay the bills and any that come in later.


Moved by Gehris, Seconded by Semenick, CARRIED to adjourn the meeting at 8:35pm.




Kimberly Anderson

Whitney Township Clerk