Township Hall Located at, 1515 N Huron Rd, Tawas City, MI 48763
+1 (989) 362-8441


(989) 362-8441

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Cemetery Hours: 8am to Sunset

No Burning
No Littering
No Unattended Watering
No ORV’s
No Alcohol
No Fireworks

Vehicles are restricted to maintained roadway
No parking on the grass
Parked vehicles must not block cemetery traffic

Contact the Sims Township Clerk to purchase Lots or arrange for burials.

No planting without approval of the sexton
All bushes must be properly maintained and pruned
All markers must be on footings and require a permit
All markers must be properly maintained by owners

All Cemetery issues are handled by the Sexton who works out the Sims Township Office and people should contact that office
at (989) 876-8631 and speak to Judy Mackie. See complete Cemetery Ordinance at
Ordinances are also available at the Sims Township Office.